Who can apply?

These projects are intended for users who need:

  • to port and test their codes before applying for a Production Project
  • to generate the required benchmarks, perfomance analysis and resource justification to be included in the Production Project Proposal

These projects consist of a limited and finite amount of compute resources. They are allocated for 3 months - a maximum extension of 3 months may be granted based on CSCS' evaluation of the request.

Preparatory Projects are allocated a total of 1'000 node hours over 3 months on the Cray XC50 (hybrid CPU/GPU Piz Daint) or a corresponding allocation if you are interested in other clusters available for the User Lab.

In the preparatory phase we only open up to 3 accounts. You only have 1 week after the expiring date to access and transfer your data, after that the project and the accounts within are closed.

Project description

Up to two A4 pages:

  • Short description of the research methods, algorithms, and code
  • Parallelization approach, memory requirements
  • Research goals to achieve at the end of the three months to be promoted to a Production Project
  • HPC Experience of the applicant (brief description of the HPC know-how of the PI and the group; need of support in compiling, porting, optimizing, etc.)

How to apply

Please, send your Preparatory Project in pdf format to: projectoffice(at)cscs.ch.

Review process and decision

Preparatory Projects will undergo a technical review by CSCS experts within one month of submission.

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